In June 2020, was born: a project created by some Vinegrowersfor all italian Vinegrowers.
In the most difficult period, when wine sales stagnated and the reopening of restaurants and wine bars was little more than a mirage, a group of vinegrowers reacted to the despair and decided to take bak the most exciting part of producing wine: to tell the story of their own bottles, hand them over  to the customer directly, open the doors of your (virtual) cellar and welcome wine and vineyard enthusiasts.

At Mercato dei Vignaioli the Vignaioli show bottles on their desk and sell them directly.

There are no intermediaries. The thread is direct between the producer and the consumer.
It is not an e-commerce.
It is a market, in fact.
In the simplest and most traditional sense.

This is how the Mercato dei Vignaioli was born, an experiential website where you don’t  buy only: at the Mercato dei Vignaioli you will find wines of authentic vinegrowers, artisanal wines, territorial wines of great quality, but above all you see the faces behind the bottles, you know people, you know the places, you create new bonds and authentic relationships. is much more than a simple e-shop: there are more than 100 vinegrowers, to tell with their bottles the incredible variety of grapes and wine from 14 regions of Italy; if you want to organize an authentic trip, among the cellars, you can  book directly visits or wine tastings in the cellar.

An interactive map tells you which winery is the closest to you. The Mercato dei Vignaioli is a virtual space, but sometimes it becomes real and our calendar will always keep you updated on events, the winetastings where the vinegrowers and their bottles are protagonists.

But above all, you can talk with the Vinegrowers. They can be contacted directly via chat from the site and (soon) also via whatsapp: who, better than the producer, can you ask for information and news about the vintage on the market and the one to come, about the harvest or food pairing? The producer will advise you like no other and, according to your tastes, will choose one of his labels or suggests you to try a wine from another vinegrower, from another wineregion.
The Vinegrowers partner of Mercato dei Vignaioli know, respect and esteem each other: they have created this project to give voice, all together, to those who live in the vineyard, every day, care for and love it.
The Mercato dei Vignaioli was created with the aim of giving you the opportunity to put as many labels as possible in the “basket”, wines from different regions, grapes and climates. Many of these wines are not easily found, not even online: they are small wineries, which do not always have a widespread distribution network but which, through the Mercato dei Vignaioli, can be discovered and appreciated everywhere, in Italy and abroad.

Choose the wines from your favorite cellar, ask your vinegrower friend to help you discover others, or simply choose from the lesser known vines and appellations and put everything in a box: browse the market stalls, put in the basket and click. And if you have a doubt, always ask the vinegrower.
Affordable prices, quality and transparency and a lot of passion. is a newly born project, many ideas and many proposals are ready to come.
We are at the Market, word of mouth will be our strength.
Buy a vinegrower’s wine: leave a comment on the site, the vinegrowerwill be pleased to know how when and with whom you opened his bottle. Write your impressions, share them with us through our social networks Facebook and Instagram, and help us make ourselves known.

If you love wine, and those who live it, you cannot be satisfied with a simple e-commerce.
The Mercato dei Vignaioli will become your favorite market.