Do you love the idea of ​​giving a small selection of Vignaioli wines as a gift, but you cannot decide between hundreds of labels and you are not sure to make the right choice?

Do not give up the pleasure of a special bottle, born from the passion and hands of a Vignaiolo. Choosing a wine gift may not be easy, especially when it’s a surprise, but don’t turn down the idea of ​​giving the emotion of a bottle of wine that brings on your table the aromas, flavors and colors of our vineyards, from Sicily to Piedmont, the smiles of our faces, the sincerity of our hands that have grown these grapes on the pergolas, on the awnings, on the cordons and transformed them into wine.

Vignaioli Market Gift Cards come down on your side..
Three different values, three different experiences. Choose the one that suits you best, you will receive a postcard that you can print and personalize and give to whoever you want.

The 100€ Gift Card is for all those enthusiasts who, on the Vignaioli Market, will be able to look for the rarest indigenous vines, the small productions, the most exciting harvests, the wines of that Vignaiolo I met that day, with a glass in a hand …..

The 70€ Gift Card is perfect if you have never shopped on the Vignaioli Market and want to take advantage of the chance of putting 6 bottles of 6 vignaioli from 6 different terroirs in a box. This is the best way to discover new wineries and new labels!

The 30€ Gift Card is perfect if you already have in mind that wine that you like so much but that you could not find it anywhere and now you can finally buy for yourself, or recommend to someone special…