Welcome to the Vignaioli Market!
If you just landed on our Market, here you have some TIPs for a funny and tasty experience!
You have three shopping-mode at the Vignaioli Market


Stop on the Home Page and look at our faces! Here we are, men and women, smiles, families and stories behind a bottle, ready to offer you an exclusive and authentic wine experience.

Do you know any of us already?? Well, click on the sticker to go the Vignaiolo page directly and buy his/her wines.

None you recognize? Even better, choose the more smiling, the funniest, the one somehow strikes you and click on it.

And then, if you want to discover more about the labels available on his/her shop, the place, the winery, the story and much more…..chat with him/her.
Click on the whatsapp button on the right side of the header and start your conversation with the Vignaiolo!
You will learn everything about the wines from his/her voice directly so to be sure to buy the wines that really match your taste!


Do you love Italian wines but you don’t have a large knowledge and are undecided between one bottle or an other one??

Let’s try our Mistery Box!

6 bottles will be randomly added to your cart. You can the decide to keep all of the six, or change just some of them and give a try to the others!


On any page, use the search mask on the sidebar to write the name of the wine you’re looking for (if you know it already) or to search for your favourite one(s) by grape variety (white or red first or, more specifically the grape name as Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Vermentino, Malvasia….), regions (Tuscany, Pidemont, Sicily, Veneto…), denominations (Chianti, Barolo, Amarone, Prosecco…) or wine type (white wine, red wine, orange wine, sparkling wine…)

Or, from the Vignaioli Wines page, use the search mask on top of the page to select the vignaiolo you’re looking for from the drop-down menu (if you know his/her name already) and filter wines by prducer or write down the text to be searched in the wine description. You can also filter by product category (Tasting&Events, Regions and Denominations, Wine type, Grape varieties) and then add more filters as vintage or bottle size

No matter how you run into a bottle of any of our Vignaioli, it will be a surprising , unique and very direct experience.
Any friend of wine, is a friend of mine. Isn’t it???