Ca ed Curen is a small farm that has been handed down for generations. It is located in the municipality of Mango, a magical town between Langa and Monferrato. The company is family-run, we are very proud to work our land to produce one of the most precious fruits, grapes.

For some years we have started to vinify our grapes, obtaining different wines. In our cellar you can find special wines such as the dry Moscato “L’incompreso” and the “Incontro” rosé. In addition to the Chardonnay “Noi”, the Dolcetto d’Alba “Centennial and more”, the Barbera d’Asti “Ercole”.

We also have goodies like Barbera and Moscato grappa or wine made from dried grapes called “Pasiensa” and toasted hazelnuts.